Anonymous said: I made an online page on a website to meet guys I've talked to a couple interesting ppl, but there's this one guy who likes me, only thing is he's in prison and has 4 yrs left. Idk if he could get out early but if I considered taking it further I'd have to weigh that in. What should I do? He seems like a good guy

You said it yourself. “To meet guys…” Is this guy worth waiting four whole years for? Maybe. BUT, wasn’t the point of making this page to actually you know, meet guys? He can wait. He has time.

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Anonymous said: Do you believe a man should approach/pursue a woman first, or a woman can do the same? And if so, how can a woman approach a guy she's interested in? Especially one that is shy.

Naw not necessarily. Try getting to know him first, as a friend. Come at him on some casual shit.

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Words With Friends, ANYONE? Come play (: okiesmai

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"Enjoy it. Because it’s happening."

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Anonymous said: OKAY, for real, what should I do if a girl comments emojis on my boyfriends picture? This is my first real relationship and I don't know what to do. Do I say anything? Let him handle it? Or leave it alone?

Take it as a compliment cuz he’s with you.

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