On a Tuesday.

On a Tuesday.

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Anonymous said: What was wrong with your teeth before the braces?

The cold part about that is they weren’t really noticeably fucked up. I used to suck my thumb back in the day literally to the point to where I had to wear a retainer to help me stop & my two front teeth protruded because of it. I’ve only had em in as long as I have because I ain’t been wearing my rubber bands like I should’ve been.

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Anonymous said: After a breakup, "situationships" and crushes, how does one learn to get over and rid that individual out of their mind and spirit?

Time. Distracting yourself with productivity helps keeping your mind on track & from drifting back into what coulda/shoulda. You must also be ready & willing to let go. Don’t go outta your way to check for that person anymore. It will only lead you back to square one. Simply keep pushing forward.

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Anonymous said: Hi Seiko, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. My bf of almost a year had expressed to me that if I choose the career that involves me traveling a lot (which I always dreamed of) after I graduate, then we would have to break up. Sometimes I feel like I'm too young to compromise but at the same time, I do love him. What would you choose? Love or following your dreams?

Hi Anonymous. Okay, so here’s the thing. I love love. I really do. It’s such a beautiful thing. BUT, speaking from personal past experiences, I can honestly say that choosing it countless times over my dreams has gotten me in nothing but trouble. Sacrifice should work both ways within a relationship & while compromising may not always seem like such a bad idea, you gotta go with what makes the most sense. He’s already expressed that he doesn’t support you enough to stick with you long term through your career choices, and that says a lot about the possibility of longevity. Think about it like this. If he had an opportunity to do something he’s always wanted to & it just so happened to mean relocating, would he hesitate?

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