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Gov. Brown signs phase-out of single-use plastic bags in stores 

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Emoji Head Ass

Emoji Head Ass

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What up though ?

What up though ?

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Anonymous said: I'm having trouble cooping that me and my bf have officially split up , I moved to Florida about a year ago and he's still back home in ga he's never came to see me I always had to go home for us to see one another other than FaceTime . We've been on and off since then and now he feels like he's not good enough for me and he just cut me off completely and i don't know what to do because I really love him and I want him to be great but he won't let me help him so I'm just stuck what should I do

It’ll never work if he’s not willing to meet you at least partially of the way.You’re more than likely dwelling, and that’s not going to help your current situation. Distract yourself with productivity. Life just happens to have other plans for you, and unfortunately they may no longer include your lost love. Embrace all that is, and all that’s to come.

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Anonymous said: Is there anyway that I could interview you for my medical marijuana discourse community project ?

I would love to. Email me & we can go from there MaryFairy420@gmail.com.

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I’m in the library, and this little boy started blatantly staring at me almost like he had beef or something. Instead of looking away, I gave him what he came for, and started staring him down because I thought that we were having like a staring contest. And, he ended up walking into a chair. I win. 

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